News and a new song: By the Pale Moonlight

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This is the song we recorded for Brian Dorn:

And here’s some info about Safe Place, the organization for whom the fundraiser was organized:

See you next week!


The Sprockets 😉

7 thoughts on “News and a new song: By the Pale Moonlight

  1. I love the melody you have put to this man’s poetry. I know my son would like to hear this but now no computer in the hospital. The written words could be nice since he reads a lot of poetry. You sound great and look more beautiful than ever.
    Good news and music. Talent shows.

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  2. Hey Jahnavi and Addison I love this new post. Both songs posted really touched me and your harmonies are awesome. Keep it up. And the parrot what a treat. Is he staying with you?

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  3. Pale moonlight needs to be a separate music track! It’s gorgeous!! And so is the Brian Dorn collaboration. I really love what you both are doing. And is Marley the parrot a new collection to the menagerie?


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